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Glenwood South

One of downtown’s signature streets anchors this eclectic mix of restaurants, art galleries, stores, nightlife, and residences. New restaurants blend in with established favorites, while the exploding population of young workers find plenty to do in the active bar scene, which includes the world record-holding Raleigh Beer Garden. With over 1,500 units under construction or recently delivered and more on the way, Glenwood South will build on its existing residential base to become one of downtown’s most distinctive neighborhoods.

Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative

Formed in November 2013, the Glenwood South Neighborhood Collaborative’s (GSNC) goals are to bring residents and merchants together to strengthen the community and to develop models for communication and collaboration around issues affecting the neighborhood. If you are a resident or merchant that would like to participate with this collaborative, please sign up here. You will be invited to the neighborhood meetings, receive newsletters regarding neighborhood happenings, and collaborate with the group to enhance the overall vitality of the Glenwood South neighborhood. Learn more about the GSNC.

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