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Raleigh Union Station

The N.C. Department of Transportation and the City of Raleigh aligned plans, visions and funding to build Raleigh Union Station, a passenger train station at 510 W. Martin St. in downtown Raleigh, to replace the Amtrak station on Cabarrus Street. With four daily round-trip passenger trains that served more than 160,000 passengers, the Cabarrus Street station was one of the busiest in the southeastern United States. But it could not accommodate demand or expected ridership growth, nor could it serve as a multimodal transportation center. It was routinely overcrowded and lacked a platform large enough to serve the longer trains that come into the station.

Raleigh Union Station – better accommodates current and future demand for intercity passenger rail, commuter rail, buses, taxis, bicycles and other forms of transportation. It also allows freight rail traffic to bypass the station without stopping. Raleigh Union Station is one of several improvements to the railroad corridor between Raleigh and Charlotte that will help increase railroad capacity, efficiency and safety.

Visit Amtrak's website or the NC By Train website to book a train, check schedules, and more.

Raleigh Union Station

510 W. Martin St.
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 833-7594

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