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About Downtown Raleigh

Downtown Raleigh is in the midst of historic growth, building upon a rich tapestry of historic architectural gems, commerce, and the seats of State, County, and local governments. Since 2005, downtown has seen over $3 billion in development completed and under construction, which has added new residences, convention space, offices, retail, entertainment venues, hotels, restaurants...and so much more! Decades of investment have transformed downtown into the vibrant center of the Triangle region. The future is even brighter for downtown with growth poised to add thousands of new residents, workers, visitors, stores, businesses, parks, plus expanded transportation services and mobility infrastructure. In 2018, downtown’s rapid growth continued in every asset class, and the pipeline remains full of exciting projects that will continue to make this one of the fastest growing downtowns in the country. Downtown is also home to a thriving creative culture with artists, musicians, innovative tech companies, award-winning chefs, and cutting-edge makers all sharing and creating in downtown.

Downtown Raleigh 2025 Plan

In 2015, the City of Raleigh and the Downtown Raleigh Alliance partnered to create a 10-year plan for downtown Raleigh, which builds upon the successes downtown experienced in recent years, provides a new map for guiding growth and development, and addresses both opportunities and challenges facing downtown over the next decade. This plan seeks to improve park spaces, provide more transportation options, maintain authenticity and character, create a robust retail environment, improve affordable housing options, and establish stronger partnerships for downtown’s future. Many of these initiatives such as new parks, transit, development, retail, streetscaping, and other projects are well underway. 

Read the Downtown Raleigh 2025 Plan