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Upcoming Street Closures

We understand that providing street closure and event notifications that may affect you or your business is vital to navigate Downtown Raleigh. Please see the resources below from the City of Raleigh:

  • Special Events Online Calendar: A calendar resource with up-to-date information about all events currently scheduled within the City that are taking place on public right-of-way. Click a particular event on the calendar and you will be able to see location, road closures, timeframe, and event organizer contact information.
  • Weekly Special Events Digest: A weekly email update that includes a brief description of upcoming events for the week, including the road closures associated with each event.
  • Feedback Form: Designed for event attendees or community members affected by events to provide constructive feedback about specific aspects of the event, so that we can track and reference this information for future planning.
  • Public Notification Requirements: (PDF provided on the City’s website) The City enforces these requirements for all events. If ever you do not receive notification, please alert our office via the feedback form or email us at If you have a recommended point of contact that should receive these event notifications, please share that and we can be sure to provide the necessary contact information to event organizers.