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French Fries in Downtown Raleigh

French Fries in Downtown Raleigh

Crinkled, loaded, waffled, plain, dipped, on the side–there are a plethora of ways you can enjoy one of the most universally loved foods of all time: french fries. Lucky for us, Downtown Raleigh’s robust dining scene has a considerable number of establishments with creative, flavorful, and gourmet french fry dishes.

To narrow things down for you, we curated this list of spots with stand-out french fries based on recommendations from people in the community. So go ahead and bookmark this page because you’ll wish you had the next time you’re deciding where to eat downtown. 

This is not an exhaustive directory of places with stand-out french fries in Downtown Raleigh, find more options here

Buena Papa Fry Bar — 411 W Morgan St.

Buena Papa–meaning “good potato”–sells gourmet, hand-cut french fries topped with a slew of different toppings inspired by regional tastes from around the world. Located inside Morgan Street Food Hall, the fry bar is the first of its kind in Downtown Raleigh and an ideal spot for french-fry fanatics. 

El Mexicano

The El Mexicano is made with their signature fries tossed in Mexican spices and topped with hearty amounts of juicy carne asada, fresh guacamole, rich sour cream, and tangy pico de gallo. The toppings work together masterfully to elevate the seasoned fries so you’ll finish your meal feeling full and content, but still craving more of it to eat. 


Mama Crow's Burger & Salad Shop — 500 E Davie St. #116

You’ll find Mama Crow's in Transfer Co. Food Hall serving up artisan burgers, salads, and fries using certified Angus beef & ingredients one could gather from a local garden. The food has a hand-made, southern flare with many of their dishes using staple NC ingredients like pimento cheese, slaw, sweet potatoes, and others.

Fire Fries 

Mama Crow’s covers their hot fries in house-made cheese sauce, roasted jalapenos, bacon, pickled peppers, and honey to create a balanced medley of spicy, sweet, and savory. You can order the fire fries on its own or pair it with the reaper burger to have the ultimate fiery feast. 


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Element Plant-Based Gastropub — 421 Fayetteville St.

Element Gastropub is a go-to spot to grab a tasty beer and classic pub food like wings, burgers, and nachos–but there’s a twist, they are 100% plant-based. Both vegans and omnivores attest to the abundance of flavor + variety that Element offers its patrons right in the heart of Downtown Raleigh.

Voodoo Chili Cheese Fries 

The dish consists of beer-battered fries seasoned with cajun spices and smothered in plant-based chili, nacho cheese, and ranch. This indulgently delicious meal pairs harmoniously with a cold lager and is a great option for those who are not only vegan, but lactose-sensitive as well.


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Capital Club 16 — 16 W Martin St.

The Capital Club Building–est. 1929–is an iconic building in Downtown Raleigh with the popular restaurant Capital Club 16 on its street-level. Locals & visitors alike get excited to eat their scratch-made, locally sourced American-European fusion food for brunch, lunch, and dinner. 

Shanny Fries

Simple, yet satisfying–the shanny fries are expertly cooked and can complement any entree, or be savored on its own. The fries are made using russet potatoes sprinkled in sea salt and house herbs with the option of ketchup, ranch, curry BBQ, or paprika aioli dipping sauces. 


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MoJoe's Burger Joint — 620 Glenwood Ave

In Glenwood South is MoJoe's Burger Joint, a hip spot that’s been a Raleigh-staple for 20 years and known best for its award-winning burgers & upbeat, friendly atmosphere. You can relish the great food and fun cocktails on the restaurant’s large, dog-friendly outdoor patio overlooking the bustling district.

Create Your Own French Fries 

Take matters into your own hands by customizing your ideal loaded french fries using over 20 available toppings and sauces. The crispy crinkle-cut fries are perfectly dippable and scoopable so you can get creative with your add-ons, or just keep it simple.


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