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DTR Gift Guide 2019: For Kiddos

DTR Gift Guide 2019: For the kids of all ages who keep life fun

A T-Shirt whose sentiment never gets old, even when they do, from House of Swank.


The best book for sweet dreams and an equitable future, from Read with Me | A Children's Book & Art Shop.


Puppets to make their own adventures with on rainy days, from Briggs Hardware.


A set of blocks that's secretly teaching them science, from DECO Raleigh.


Or the more classic blocks (you know, Legos) to let their architectural imaginations run wild, from Marbles Corner Store.


A soft sloth and a book about their chill attitude (and how to have one themselves), from Nature Research Center Store.


Easily the coolest backpack in downtown, from Port of Raleigh.


A furry hat to keep their ears warm (and adorable) this winter, from Apex Outfitter and Board Co.


A sweet Slumberkins shark for snuggling, from Edge of Urge.


An amazing coloring poster to work on together, since that's what they want to do anyway, from The Flourish Market.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the many wonderful shops and gift ideas in Downtown Raleigh! Please visit for a list of all of our retailers and head to the DTR Holiday Hub for other recommendations, help with parking, dining options, and other holiday experiences this season in downtown!

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