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Ambassador of the Month – August 2021: Richard Laipple

Ambassador of the Month – August 2021: Richard Laipple

The Downtown Raleigh Ambassadors serve to ensure a memorable and welcoming experience for those in our capital city. Each month, one of our Ambassadors is awarded Ambassador of the Month for exemplary service in community engagement and/or safety assistance. For August 2021, the award went to Richard Laipple, who was also named Ambassador of the Month two other times. Learn about his experience as an Ambassador and what he loves about Downtown Raleigh.

DRA: What motivates you to get up for work every day?
RL: My coworkers, program manager, daily challenges, and the residents and businesses of downtown Raleigh.

DRA: Do you have any advice for future Safety Ambassadors?
RL: Know your surroundings. Be non-confrontational, pay attention to detail.

DRA: What has been your most challenging moment on the job so far? What did you learn?
RL: How to deal with people being aggressive. Talked to them in a calm manner and explained the situation to them.

DRA: If you had a friend/family member in town visiting, where’s the first place you would take them Downtown?
RL: To the Capitol building.

DRA: What is your favorite part of your job as a Safety Ambassador of Downtown?
RL: Helping people that look lost or don’t know how to get to the place they are looking for.