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Ambassador of the Month: Tashonna Farmer

Ambassador of the Month – January 2021: Tashonna Farmer

The Downtown Raleigh Ambassadors serve to ensure a memorable and welcoming experience for those in our capital city. Our Ambassadors are awarded Ambassador of the Month for exemplary service in community engagement and/or safety assistance. For January 2021, the award went to Tashonna Farmer. Learn about her experience as an Ambassador and what she loves about Downtown Raleigh.

ambassador of the month

DRA: How long have you been an Ambassador?

TF: I’ve been a Downtown Raleigh Ambassador for about 6 months now. 

DRA: Why did you decide to pursue this line of work?

TF: I’ve always enjoyed interacting with people whether they be my co-workers or strangers on the street. 

DRA: What do you like most about what you do?

TF: I love creating relationships with others. It’s always interesting getting to know everyone’s story because it’s always different. 

DRA: Have there been any specific moments that stick out as memorable for you?

TF: One moment that sticks out during my time as an ambassador is when a woman experiencing homelessness with her three children was so kind to us. I went home to grab some extra blankets and her reaction warmed my heart. 

DRA: What are your favorite spots to grab a coffee and a bite to eat downtown?

TF: For coffee, my go-to is The Morning Times and when I’m looking for more of a meal, I’ll head right next door to The Raleigh Times. Both of those places are delicious. 

DRA: Do you have a favorite part of downtown you like visiting or working in?

TF: I love working in Zone 5 (Moore Square) & Zone 3 (Fayetteville St) because it has the most traffic which leads to more engagement and interaction. 

DRA: What have you enjoyed seeing happen downtown most recently?

TF: There is a lot going on these days. I love seeing more interactions with homeless individuals in the area. As they get to know you, they begin to open up and share stories with you and that’s when the real impact happens. Remember to be kind to others!

Thanks, Tashonna! 

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