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Ambassador of the Month: Richard Laipple

The Downtown Raleigh Ambassadors serve to ensure a memorable and welcoming experience for those in our capital city. Each month, one of our Ambassadors is awarded Ambassador of the Month for exemplary service in community engagement and/or safety assistance. For March, the award went to Richard Laipple who was also named Ambassador of the Month in February 2020. Learn about his experience as an Ambassador and what he loves about Downtown Raleigh.























DRA: How long have you been an Ambassador?

RL: It will be five years in August.

DRA: Why did you decide to pursue this line of work?

RL: I like being out in the public. I don't like being behind a desk. I like being able to walk around and be the connection between DRA and the public to let them know what all we do.

DRA: What do you like most about what you do?

RL: I like being visible and being able to engage with all kinds of people and help them in anyway I can. I'm a safety ambassador, and so I patrol the parking decks, do safe walks, and jump cars, as well as other things.

DRA: What are your favorite spots to grab a coffee and a bite to eat downtown?

RL: 42 & Lawrence and Raleigh Times for coffee. I love it. Woody's for a meal because it's so close to the office and a good deal. Definitely MoJoe's for burgers though, they're the best. 

DRA: What are you looking forward to in the next 6 months, the next 12 months?

RL: Helping my community and my fellow ambassadors. 

DRA: What do you wish people knew about the Ambassadors?

RL: Just how many things we do, from jump-starts to safe walks. We're available for so many things, and there's always one of us around. 

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