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Ambassador of the Month: Graham Bramwell

The Downtown Raleigh Ambassadors serve to ensure a memorable and welcoming experience for those in our capital city. Each month, one of our Ambassadors is awarded Ambassador of the Month for exemplary service in community engagement and/or safety assistance. For June, the award went to Graham Bramwell. Learn about his experience as an Ambassador and what he loves about Downtown Raleigh.



DRA: What do you like most about what you do?

GB: I'd say helping people that are in need - that's all the joy I need in my field of work. 

DRA: Has there been a particularly rewarding moment or memorable experience over this past year?

GB: Sometimes I need to help visitors locate their vehicles if they are visiting or new to the area. The joy on their faces once finding their cars is priceless and worth the time - their gratitude makes it all worth it.

DRA: How would you describe Downtown Raleigh? 

GB: A wonderful place for family and friends to visit with the luxury of entertainment and dining out. 

DRA: What have you enjoyed seeing downtown recently?

GB: How we are all working together to bring Downtown Raleigh back and the excitement we all have for that. 

DRA: What are you looking forward to in the next 6 to 12 months?

GB: Continuing to be the best DRA Ambassador for Downtown Raleigh I can and to continue to assist residents in DTR. 

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