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Ambassador of the Month: Graham Bramwell

June 2020 Ambassador of the Month: Graham Bramwell

The Downtown Raleigh Ambassadors serve to ensure a memorable and welcoming experience for those in our capital city. Each month, one of our Ambassadors is awarded Ambassador of the Month for exemplary service in community engagement and/or safety assistance. For June, the award went to Graham Bramwell, and we sat down to talk to him about his experience as an Ambassador and what he loves about Downtown Raleigh.

DRA: Why did you decide to pursue this line of work?

GB: Well, I really enjoy staying active in Downtown Raleigh, plus helping people is a passion of mine. 

DRA: What do you like most about what you do?

GB: Interacting with the public is my favorite part of the job. I like knowing that people feel safe when they see an ambassador out and about while they are walking around and doing activities. 

DRA: What are your favorite spots to grab a coffee and a bite to eat in downtown?

GB: I'm not big into coffee but I like to stop by The Carolina Ale House and The Flying Mayan for lunch sometimes because the vibe is always laid back and welcoming. 

DRA: You walk all over downtown and so you know it really well. Are there any unknown or underused places that you particularly enjoy?

GB: My favorite area is Zone 4 by Union Station. When there are people over there, they always greet me and thank me for the job I'm doing. Those everyday experiences are what make me love the job I'm doing. 

DRA: Do you have a favorite part of downtown you like visiting or working in?

GB: I really enjoy the Glenwood South area. It's nice to see a place with so much diversity in the people and the places.

DRA: What have you enjoyed seeing happen in downtown most recently?

GB: The different cultures in the city interacting and coming together as one is always a special sight. 

DRA: What do you wish people knew about the Ambassadors?

GB: I wish people would know that we are here to help, whenever and wherever. No matter what, if you need our help, we will be there to make sure you are taken care of. 

DRA: Anything else you'd like to add?

GB: I absolutely love my job. I hope to stay in the field of customer service and helping people for a while. 

Thanks, Graham! 

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