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We Are Downtown Raleigh

We Are Downtown Raleigh logo over skyline of Downtown Raleigh

With its incredible mix of local and independently owned small businesses, devoted residents, and ever-growing landscape, Downtown Raleigh exists as an essential and vibrant part of our capital city. While we are staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic to help slow the spread and keep our community safe, our small businesses are continually working to serve you as best they can.

In honor of the hundreds of small businesses that make downtown unique, we are launching We Are Downtown Raleigh, a new video series aimed at connecting each other during this time of increased distance. Our series features Downtown Raleigh small business owners sharing demonstrations, tips, and the stories behind their businesses so we can all continue to discover new wonders downtown and stay united in supporting the community.



We want to know who inspires you in Downtown Raleigh. What have you seen happening during this crisis that has brought you joy or comfort or helped you feel connected to your community? Use the hashtag #WeAreDTR to share your own experiences and tag Downtown Raleigh Alliance so we can see the positive impact we are all having on one another. You can also use the #WeAreRaleigh hashtag to connect with the City of Raleigh's work in sharing uplifting stories in our wider region.


Downtown Raleigh's Small Business Stories

Hear from Four Downtown Raleigh Record Shops Share Their Favorite Records. 

The Pourhouse Music Hall, Sorry State Records, Record Krate, and Sound Off Records all share their favorite records of 2020 and why.

Hear From Carroll's Kitchen, Manhattan Cafe, and The Rockford About Their Favorite Sandwiches  

Need lunch ideas? Hear from three downtown sandwich shops as they share the secret sauces and toppings to their favorite crave-worthy sandwiches.  

Learn How to Assemble a Picnic with Weaver Street Market

Go behind the scenes with Weaver Street Market and learn how to assemble the perfect picnic basket. Just over a year old, Weaver Street Market in Downtown Raleigh is a community-owned and locally sourced business offering fresh, healthy, and sustainable products.

Four Bottle Shops Show Us Their Favorite Beer

Hear from our local Downtown Raleigh bottle shops as they share their favorite beer for this summer. Get to know Pelagic, Tasty Beverage, State of Beer and Paddy O'Beers and support them by shopping local. 



Take a Minute to Breathe Mindfully With a Yoga Exercise From Colors of Yoga.

Step away from your daily routine and join Patrice Graham with Colors of Yoga in an exercise to move and nourish your body. Colors of Yoga is offering virtual classes Monday through Friday. Visit their website for more information and to register. 

View all of Downtown Raleigh's virtual classes here.



Four Wine Shops Talk About Their Favorite Wines

Meet Short Walk Wines, The Wine Feed, Drink and The Raleigh Wine Shop, all local shops offering a variety of delicious wine. In this video, each shop shares their favorite wine that's under $15 and pairs it with a dish from a local restaurant. From mango peach wine paired with sushi to a classic red paired with pizza, these shops show us how the wine experience is done. 

Shop & See all of Downtown Raleigh's and where they are located here.



Make Your Own Air Plant Terrarium with Megan George Cain of The Zen Succulent

Megan George Cain, owner along with her mother Margaret of The Zen Succulent, shares how to make your own air plant terrarium at home and three steps on how to take care of your air plants. Shop The Zen Succulent online with delivery and at-store pick-up on select dates.


Stretch and Re-energize through a 5-Minute Yoga Routine with Jill Sockman of Blue Lotus Yoga

Jill Sockman, founder and instructor at Blue Lotus Yoga, shares a 5-minute yoga routine to stretch and recharge during the day, using just a chair. Try out one of their many virtual classes, such as wind down yoga, meditation and flow, being offered during this time. See the schedule and sign up here


Making a Flavorful Cooking Stock with Vegetable Scraps with Caroline Morrison of The Fiction Kitchen

Caroline Morrison, owner and chef at The Fiction Kitchen, shares how to use your leftover vegetable scraps to make a flavorful stock which can add flavor to many dishes such as risotto and rice. Enjoy delicious vegan and vegetarian take-out from The Fiction Kitchen during this time. See their menu online here. 


Hair trimming and styling tips with Timmy McCoy of Arrow

Timmy McCoy, Arrow, shares how to keep your short hair trimmed and styled at home including cleaning up the neck, trimming sideburns and around the ear and styling longer hair. To learn more about Arrow and book your appointment for Phase 2, head to


Gin & Jam Cocktails at Home with Kim Hammer & Lewis Norton of Bittersweet

Kim Hammer & Lewis Norton of Bittersweet share how to make their classic Gin & Jam cocktail at home. Bittersweet's takeout window on E Martin Street is currently open from Tuesday-Sunday for coffee, sweets, and cocktail mixes to go. To learn more about how to support them, head to

Gin & Jam Cocktail Recipe
1.5 oz gin
0.5 oz lemon juice
0.5 oz simple syrup
1 teaspoon jam
Add to a shaker with ice, shake it up, pour in a glass and serve with a slice of lemon and an extra teaspoon of jam on top.


Refresh Your Space with Ana Maria Muñoz of Port of Raleigh

Ana Maria Muñoz of Port of Raleigh shares three easy tips of how to refresh your space as we continue staying home. Shop & Support Port of Raleigh at


How-To of the Warm Cauliflower Salad at Tonbo Ramen

Tom Mukoyama & Chef Alex Cordova of Tonbo Ramen show how they create their popular Warm Cauliflower Salad dish in their upstairs Izikaya kitchen. Order takeout and curbside pickup from Tonbo Wednesdays-Sundays, 4pm-9pm at


Work-from-Home Wardrobe Refresh with Kendra Leonard of The Art of Style

Kendra Leonard of Hargett Street's The Art of Style shares some perfect picks for working from home and looking good in the process. With the motto of when you look good, you feel good, she highlights ways to elevate your style through virtual consultations and subtle changes. Learn more about shopping with Kendra and her team at


At-Home Truffle Mac & Cheese with Chef Chris Hylton of ORO Restaurant & Lounge

Chef Chris Hylton of downtown's ORO Restaurant shares how to create the perfect mac & cheese at home using truffle oil and other special secret sauce ingredients from his kitchen. Order your own DIY kit for two from ORO through Tuesday, April 28 by emailing


Stay Cute in Quarantine with Crystal Clark of Nail Yeah!

Watch as Crystal Clark of Glenwood South's Nail Yeah! studio takes us through a step-by-step home manicure so you can keep your nails fresh at home. Learn more about how to support Nail Yeah! through online purchases on their website.


Stretch It Out with Joy Pariz of Poyner YMCA

Follow along as Joy Pariz of downtown's Poyner YMCA shares stretches to help you ease body aches and stiffness from working from home. Learn more about Poyner Y's additional virtual classes and services on their website.


Make Mocktails with Craig Rudewicz of Crude Bitters & Sodas and The Bittery

Meet Craig Rudewicz, co-founder & co-owner of Downtown Raleigh's Crude Bitters & Sodas and The Bittery. Here he shares a favorite mocktail for you to try at home featuring Crude Bitters' original, award-winning Orange & Fig bitters.

Shop & support Crude Bitters at or




Videos produced by Downtown Raleigh Alliance.

Editing by Michelle Lotker:

Poster image photo by Carolyn Scott for DRA.