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Learn about Downtown Raleigh's African American heritage with self-guided digital tours that highlight the Black entrepreneurs, leaders, institutions and places that played pivotal roles in our community's history.

To offer an enjoyable walking experience, we’ve organized the sites into walkable tours that take from 30 to 60 minutes. New tours coming soon!

We welcome any suggestions to enhance our digital map and elevate the stories being shared. If you would like to nominate a business, building, person or place related to Raleigh’s Black history, we invite you to complete this online form. 

Please contact us at if you have any questions. 


Raleigh’s Black Main Street | 30-minute tour 
Historic African American Churches | 60-minute tour 

South Park - East Raleigh Historic District - Coming Soon


All Tours

In compiling the Black History Tour, Downtown Raleigh Alliance utilized information from the following sources:

Community of Historic Churches

Hill Directory Co.'s Raleigh City Directory, University Library, UNC Chapel Hill

The Evolution of Raleigh's African American Neighborhoods

M&F Bank

NC State University Libraries

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Raleigh First Baptist Church

Raleigh Historic

Raleigh Historic Development Commission

St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church

Tupper Memorial Baptist Church

Wake County