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Friends of Downtown Raleigh FAQ

How is the Friends of Downtown Raleigh program different from DRA membership?

Friends of Downtown Raleigh is a tax-deductible charitable contribution to our non-profit with community engagement benefits such as priority registration for Discover Downtown Tours and volunteer opportunities. The DRA membership program had pre-determined annual rates based on number of employees. Benefits, largely marketing, included a monthly member newsletter with the ability to upload specials to promote your business, a dedicated annual e-blast, and participation in Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Week. With a focus on engagement, Friends of Downtown Raleigh will be a community of individuals and businesses passionate about downtown, interested to get involved and have an impact. 

Why should I become a Friend?

To support your downtown community and the DRA’s programs and initiatives, get to know others who are passionate about Downtown Raleigh, receive early/exclusive access for a variety of opportunities – and to get a soft, one-of-a-kind House of Swank specially designed T-shirt! 

If I’m a restaurant, how will I be able to participate in Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Week now?

Restaurant Week in August will be an opt-in program with a fee to participate for the additional, targeted marketing and promotion.

How was my DRA membership amount determined?

Your annual membership rate was based on the number of full-time employees. 

What will happen to the member newsletter?

We will no longer have a member newsletter but will continue our newly reformatted weekly DRA newsletter. If you have suggestions or feedback, please let us know at

What if I have a special or event I’d like the DRA to help promote?

Tell us about it! Upload your event to the DRA calendar and feel free to email and we’ll do our best to share. 

How can I get/stay involved with the Downtown Raleigh Alliance? 

Aligning with our new mission and strategic plan, the DRA is developing more opportunities for engagement throughout the coming year. Here are some ways to get involved now:

  • Participate in our triannual Downtown Rundowns to hear updates on Downtown and meet others passionate about their community.
  • Join our Discover Downtown Tours to get behind-the-scenes or early access to places in Downtown Raleigh – Friends receive early sign-up.
  • Sign up for our newsletter to learn about opportunities as they arise.
  • Friends receive early access to volunteer opportunities and early/exclusive access to openings.

What’s the Friends of Downtown Raleigh T-shirt going to look like?

One-of-a-kind! We’ll be working with John from House of Swank to design a T-shirt that speaks to Downtown Raleigh and only available to our Friends of Downtown Raleigh. 

When will I get my Friends of Downtown Raleigh t-shirt?

We’ll be in touch in early 2019 to ask your size and will print a couple of times during the year.

Will I still get discounted tickets to DRA events?

Yes, we’re planning one ticketed event for 2019 (as of now), our State of Downtown event which will be on September 12, 2019.

Can I pay by check?

Yes, please make checks payable to Raleigh Civic Ventures. If you sign up online, we ask you pay by credit card.