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Ian Wenstrand

Category: Mural

Ian Wenstrand is an artist & illustrator located in the Raleigh area. He creates obsessively detailed, colorful, fine line illustrations. Ian’s work blends modern cities with sci-fi, video games, and other fun graphical elements to create a unique, imagined version of a place.

"My goal for this design was to create a combination of scenes that show the Citrix culture & core values in action. Working collaboratively with employees, we came up with little sections and elements throughout the artwork that illustrate what working at Citrix is like. You’ll find an astronaut using their software to send a tweet from space, a Citrix Formula One car racing around a track, and employee dinosaur meetings among other scenes unique to Citrix"

On display until August 2022

Artwork Location

120 S West St
Raleigh, NC 27601