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Raleigh's Smallest Park

Katie Stewart

Category: Mural

Inspired by Gabriel Eng-Goetz's mural, this installation was created by multi-talented, local artist Katie Stewart who reimagines Eng-Goetz's themes and color schemes in a three-dimensional, interactive context. The installation welcomes visitors of all ages, cultivates engagement with art and fosters connections within the community. It also pays tribute to Dix Park's past - embracing its present energy and projecting its future as a creative, communal hub.

This small park nestled in downtown Raleigh is an illustration of art's inclusive and transformative power; it presents a unique space for reflection, connection, and inspiration to be enjoyed by all.

A collaboration between Downtown Raleigh Alliance, Dix Conservancy, and Artsplosure

Artist: Katie Stewart @k80stew

Artwork Location

415 Hillsborough St
Next to Roast Grill
Raleigh, NC 27603