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Daddy's Beemer X Nordista Freeze with Sweet Dream, Galloway

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Daddy's Beemer: (Charleston, South Carolina)

Charleston-based band Daddy’s Beemer (composed of lead vocalist/guitarist Brady Sklar, guitarist Bob Magee, bassist Wesley Heaton, and drummer Payton Kutyla) formed in 2016 at Clemson University, where they soon established their unique brand of dreamy, buoyant indie rock. Influences from across the pond like Two Door Cinema Club, The Kooks and The Cure mingled with the likes of REM and even Frank Ocean to form a left-field melting pot across their first EPs, Daddy’s Beemer (2017) and Pucker (2018). Meanwhile, they forged their identity on the road, playing over 250 shows since their inception and heading as far afield as New York and SXSW, all while building a rock-solid base in their home state of South Carolina.

Their debut full-length, 2020’s Denmark, saw the band expand their recording capacity and flex their production muscles. After a mid-Covid release and snowball of live shows, the band began crafting a follow-up. 2023’s Tangles finds Daddy’s Beemer in peak form with a nearly-live tracked 10-song exploration of love & life on the road. Their newest lineup since releasing the album guarantees the same quality of live experience since 2016: energetic, fun, spontaneous, and emotionally filling.

Nordista Freeze: (Nashville, TN)

Where did Nordista Freeze come from?

Everyone who saw it happen has a different explanation, but they agree on one thing: a flaming blue orb came flying out of the sky and smashed into the earth, and there, lying sprawled in the crater, was a man wearing only his underwear with a tambourine in his hand. He rose to his knees, vomited profusely, and took offrunning over the rim of the crater and into the distance yelling “Na Na''. Where did he come from?!Maybe outer space? His first two records were called Space Travel and Cosmic Haus. Is he a time traveler from the past? His '60s psych-pop anthems and bouncy flow say so. A time travelerfrom the future? Many believe he’s like a Terminator 2 Terminator sent back to save the musicindustry from self-destruction. All this is speculation.

His origin notwithstanding, he’s brought a transcendent message, a secret of life that transmits through his legendary live performance. Come hear it and believe.

Sweet Dream: (Greensboro, NC)

Sweet Dream is a Greensboro NC-based psychedelic power pop fusion group, a genre designation that is fitting of their recordings. On stage, however, you never know what you’re going to get - virtuosic playing, extra jams, total improvisation, jazz standards, and sometimes even straight ahead power pop and rock n roll.

Sweet Dream is the musical brainchild of guitarist, vocalist, and bandleader Julian Creech-Pritchett. Filling out the live band are Ramon Garcia on bass and Xavier Ware on drums. In the studio, Creech-Pritchett generally plays everything, aside from listed features on various songs.

Galloway: (NC)

Galloway combines aspects of indie, rock, pop, and alternative.