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Hank Willis Thomas

Category: Mural

Love Over Rules is a work of art by Brooklyn-based Hank Willis Thomas. Known nationally for multimedia conceptual work that explores perspective, identity, media, popular culture, and the role of art in interrogating those subjects, Willis says his piece is an homage to his cousin, Songha Willis, who was murdered in Philadelphia in 2000. It immortalizes the last words Songha spoke.

The installation represents the inaugural public project of Artsuite, a new North Carolina-based venture that aims to connect art and community. The piece was also made possible by the artist and the Jack Shainman Gallery. Artsuite co-founder, Allen Thomas, Jr., plans to use art in the public sphere and online to bring communities together and to advocate for and support artists.

The artwork will be on display until June 2021. 

Artwork Location

302 S West St
Raleigh, NC 27601