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Self Love Sound Bath

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Current Wellness is hosting a Self Love Sound Bath! Shawntae Clark and Jean Gay will lead us through a transformative self love sound bath that will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and at peace.

A sound bath is a unique and therapeutic experience that uses the power of sound to help you release stress, ease tension, and find harmony within. In this event, you will be guided on a journey of self love and relaxation as you bask in a symphony of soothing sounds, feeling connected to your highest self.

We recommend that you bring a yoga mat or blanket to sit or lie down on and water to hydrate. Bringing paper or a journal and writing utensil for setting your intention or for your journaling practice are optional. Other common companions are crystals, essential oils, and eye masks. Feel free to bring whatever else you need to have a safe and comfortable experience. Some yoga mats, cushions, and blankets will be provided.

Come prepared to rest and unplug.

Cost: $30 for non-members or $24 for members