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Raleigh's International Wine Festival

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From the people who bring you Raleigh's International FOOD Festival and by popular demand, we bring you the International Wine Festival.

Over 25 international wine suppliers coming to Raleigh just for this event! Let's show them some Raleigh welcome!

Armenia, Moldova, Hungary, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, Lebanon, Georgia, New Zealand, Austria and of course the good old US of awesome A!
LED lights dance party at 6:00! Bring your lights!
Food Trucks, desserts and performances all day!

Festival is free to attend.

Wine tasting punch cards are available to purchase on site or EARLY Bird online -

Check out this selection!

1. Bottle Diplomacy
2. Schild Estate wines
3. Ksara wine
4. Winc
5. My story wine
6. SWS estate wine selection
7. American estate wines
8. Karas winery
9. Silk Road wine
10. Esencia wines
11. Echeverria winery
12. Castoro Cellars
13. Trivin
14. Vini Mundi
15. Fine Terroir Selection
16. Fratelli Cozza
17. Craiova winery
Must be 21 to buy sample cards and all ID will be checked.
The festival is open to all and is free to attend. Kids and pet friendly. Wine tickets, food, desserts must be purchased.

Bands and performances will be unlike any other as always!

Food represented:

Japan, Poland, Cuban, Korea, Mexico, Greece, USA, Jamaica, Italy, Honduras, Samoa, Italy, France, India
Unique food vendors and bazaars, sign up here: