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Mindfulness Meditation 101 - Six Week Series

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Build resilience, self-compassion, and the ability to live more in the present with mindfulness meditation training.
You’ve probably already heard a lot about the benefits of meditation but like any skill, it takes training and practice to make it a habit and derive the benefits. Whether you are brand new to meditation or need a reboot for your practice, Mindfulness Meditation 101 provides engaging, evidence-based methods for learning to meditate and integrate mindfulness into daily life.
When you sign up for this 6-week course, you get:
Introduction to specific mindfulness practices with instruction, guided meditations, and ways/tools to integrate the insights into work and personal life.
Materials to support developing a mindfulness practice along with audios for at-home practice.
Weekly email follow-up with articles, videos, and other references to topics covered in class.
Email support from Mary Lin for the duration of the course. Questions and comments are always welcome.
March 21st – April 25th
Tuesdays at 6:30 – 7:45pm
In-person or virtual
$150, or $125 Early bird before February 28th.