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Geek and Grub Market (Fantasy Edition)

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šŸ° Step into the Renaissance at Downtown Raleigh! šŸ°

Gather, noble lords and ladies, for a splendid day of merriment and wonder at the Geek and Grub Market, set amidst the bustling streets of Downtown Raleigh. This grand assembly is open to all, demanding not a single coin for entry!

šŸ›” March's Revel: A Renaissance Spectacle! šŸ›”

Adorn thyself in finery fit for a festival of yore and join us in a celebration where the echoes of history meet the joys of modern geekery. Prepare for contests of skill and wit, and activities that harken back to the days of yore.

šŸŒŸ Featuring: The Valiant Sword Circle! šŸŒŸ

Behold! At the Geek and Grub Market, we're thrilled to showcase the awe-inspiring Sword Circle! Witness these masterful sword artists as they bring to life the ancient art of swordplay. Their captivating demonstrations of historical combat will transport you back to the valiant days of yore. A must-see for enthusiasts of Renaissance martial prowess and thrilling sword battles!

šŸ“œ Event Schedule: An Enchanting Enigma šŸ“œ

Our schedule of revelries remains a delightful mystery, soon to be unveiled. To partake in these festivities, present thyself at our headquarters pavilion a mere ten minutes before each event commences.

šŸŽ‰ Frequently Queried Answers: Your Guide to Ye Olde Geekery šŸŽ‰

Need of a Scroll of Entry? Nay, for this market requires no ticket.
Location of this Grand Assembly? At Fred Fletcher Park, 820 Clay Street, in the heart of Downtown Raleigh.

Where to Moor Thy Carriage? Limited space in two lots, one on Clay Street and another on Washington Street. Alternatively, seek street parking on Washington Street.

Feast and Libations? A variety of food peddlers and trucks await, along with our non-alcoholic tavern, serving potions and brews of a geeky nature. No spirits of alcohol here, just spirits of fun!

Raffle of Fortunes? Each purchase from a merchant bestows upon you a raffle ticket. Submit these at our headquarters for a chance to win prizes of wonder at 12:30pm and 2:30pm. Presence is a must to claim your prize!

Scavenger Hunt Quest? Partake in a family-friendly quest around the market. Acquire our magical app and embark upon a journey through vendor stalls, with a chance to spin the wheel of prizes upon completion!

To Become a Merchant? Visit to apply for our 2023 season's market.

View Merchants Selling Wares? Click here to view our event sitemap and see which shopkeepers will be in attendance.

Join us for a day of enchantment, where the love of geek culture and the spirit of a Renaissance festival combine in a spectacular celebration. All are welcome to partake in this unique and wondrous event!