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Fiction I (in collaboration with the North Carolina Museum of Art Store at CAM)

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In this special version of our Fiction I class, students will learn the fundamentals of fiction by meeting in the North Carolina Museum of Art Store located in CAM Raleigh in the Warehouse District. Surrounded by paintings and photographs of artists Titus Heagins, Ursula Gullow, Joseph Rafferty, and Lincoln Hancock, students will learn the building blocks of fiction, including character, plot, setting, and theme. The prompts and lessons in the course will draw on the artwork hanging in the space, and will allow students to practice these building blocks of fiction while gleaning inspiration from other artistic media.

You will be expected to write at least one short story or chapter during the course of the class and will receive feedback from the instructor and the other students in the class. This course is designed for students with little to no workshopping experience and this particular Fiction I is ideal for visually oriented students who are inspired by art.