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Proposed Parking Plan

The City of Raleigh has proposed adjustments to parking rates and regulations in downtown. The Downtown Raleigh Alliance is collecting feedback on these proposals which will be shared with the City of Raleigh and welcomes any comments or suggestions to be submitted via the form linked at the bottom of this page. 

New Investments

The City of Raleigh is making the following investments in parking infrastructure over the next year. 

  • On-Street Parking Meter Replacement:
    • Larger displays, ADA compliant, Multi-lingual
  • License Plate Reading Technology  (LPR)
    • Efficient data gathering & mobile enforcement
    • Digital Residential Permitting & Visitor Passes
  • New Parking Management Software
    • Data Visualization & Analytics
    • Enhanced Customer Portal
  • Parking Deck Equipment Replacement
    • Focus on seamless interaction with equipment

Opportunity for Nighttime Employee Discounted Pass:

  • In city-owned decks, employees can park from 5pm onward, seven nights a week, for $20 per month. This provides more convenient, cheaper, and safer parking option for those employees working at night.
  • Please provide feedback below on ways to improve this program to better serve downtown's nighttime employees 

Proposed Pricing Changes

Current Pricing for On Street Parking Metered Spaces:

  • Priced less than off-street spaces  - Last changed in 2013 (Fayetteville Zone) 
    • Encourages long-term parkers to stay on street all day (meter hopping)
  • Metered hours do not match peak district activity
    • Discourages turnover of spaces at peak times

Current Pricing for Off Street Parking Deck Spaces:

  • Priced higher than on-street spaces
    • Priced per half hour– difficult to compare prices

Current monthly rates below market:

The chart below shows the current rates for monthly parking passes in city-owned decks in downtown Raleigh relative to rates in other cities across the country. 

Chart showing marketing rates in other cities

Proposed rate changes:

  • Raises on-street rates by .25 cents in 2019 and another 25-50 cents in 2020, but lowers off-street rates to encourage patrons to use decks for longer visits and to create more turnover on-street to make it easier to find on-street spaces.
  • Extends meter hours from 5pm to 8pm to encourage turnover in the evening.
  • Considers metering on Saturdays in 2020 to create more access through encouraging turnover in spaces. 
  • Increases Special Event fee by $3 to improve speed of service inhibited by making change at current rate of $7.
  • Increased Lost Ticket rate to discourage users from claiming lost ticket after multiples days in a deck. 
  • No changes to $5 after 5pm on weekends.

Chart Proposing raising parking rates $.25/hour and extended paid parking until 8pm

Monthly Rate Changes:

  • Increases unreserved spaces from $110 to $125 in 2019 and then to $140 per month in 2020 to encourage more private space creation, more use of transit and alternative modes, and provide revenue for new investments to improve parking system.

Chart showing proposed monthly parking rates to $140/month for unreserved and $210/month for reserved spaces by Fall 2020

Investment will be used for:

Chart showing the parking revenue will invest in parking supply, new technology, and existing infrastructure

Chart showing implementation will begin in Fall '19


The feedback form has been closed and results provided to the City of Raleigh staff to review.