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Downtown Raleigh is attracting new employers, tech companies, Class A office projects, ultra-fast internet service, and is home to an increasingly talented workforce. Downtown Raleigh is the densest office market in the Triangle with more office space, amenities, and employees per acre than any other submarket.

1,500 new jobs from publicly announced moves or expansions in downtown since the beginning of 2021.

Raleigh-Durham is the fourth top market in the country for educational attainment and behind only Washington DC, SF Bay area, and Boston.

Source: CBRE Tech Talent Report 2022

Office Map


150 Fayetteville (Renovation)

150 Fayetteville St

208 Fayetteville (Renovation)

Raleigh, NC

227 Fayetteville St (Renovation)

Raleigh, NC

301 Hillsborough at Raleigh Crossing

301 Hillsborough St

303 N West St

Raleigh, NC

333 Fayetteville (Renovation)

Raleigh, NC

416 S Dawson Dr Pepper

Raleigh, NC

421 N. Harrington

Raleigh, NC

500 W Peace St

Raleigh, NC

518 W Jones St (Renovation)

Raleigh, NC

707 N West St

Raleigh, NC

Charter Square

Raleigh, NC

The Dillon

Raleigh, NC

First Citizens Bank Building (Renovation)

Raleigh, NC

FNB Tower

501 Fayetteville St

Hargett West

107 W. Hargett St

Martin Building (Renovation)

Raleigh, NC

One Glenwood

1 Glenwood Ave

Rainbow Upholstery Building

911 N West St

Tower Two at Bloc[83]

Raleigh, NC

Under Construction

216 Fayetteville (Renovation)

216 Fayetteville St


400 Hillsborough St

In Site Preparation

Salisbury Square Phase I

700 S Salisbury St

Planned & Proposed

122 Glenwood (Renovation)

122 Glenwood Ave

603 Glenwood

Raleigh, NC

City Gateway Phase II

120 Kindley Street

The Creamery Mixed-Use

400 Glenwood Ave

The Edge

301 S Wilmington St

The Nexus

215 S. McDowell St

Smoky Hollow Phase III

Raleigh, NC

Tower Three at Bloc[83]

615 W Morgan St

Transfer Co. Food Hall Phase II

500 E Davie St

West Cabarrus Warehouses Phase II

518 W Cabarrus St