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Hamlin Drug Store

Category: Black History

In 1904, Captain James Edwards Hamlin, a Shaw University graduate opened the People’s Drug Store at 13 E Hargett Street. Mr. Hamlin renamed the store Hamlin Drug Company in 1907 after buying out his partner. Later, Mr. Hamlin moved his business to the first floor of the Lightner Arcade Hotel when it was completed in 1921. In 1957, Clarence C. Coleman and John M. Johnson bought the drugstore from the Hamlin family. Later in 1963, a new location was built and the businesses moved from 118 E Hargett St to 126 E Hargett where it still stands today. Mr. Johnson managed the drug store for nearly 60 years before closing the business in 2017. Hamlin Drug Store was the oldest pharmacy in Raleigh and the oldest Black-owned pharmacy in North Carolina. 


Year: 1960
Condition: Still Standing


126 E Hargett St
Raleigh, NC 27601