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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

In an effort to keep shoppers, vendors, and market managers as safe as possible while continuing to provide the essential service of providing fresh food to our communities, and to adhere to social distancing requirements, DRA and City of Raleigh are implementing the following safety protocols. This year's market will run on the sidewalk along Martin Street with entrance on the west side and exit on the east. Vendor tents will be spaced 6' apart. Market managers will remind all market participants to follow these expectations. 


  • Keep your market visit simple and short; buy what you need and do not linger, socialize, or congregate in the market space.
  • Households should have no more than one or two people in their shopping group. If possible, leave children and senior family members at home.
  • Enter and exit the market at designated locations. Entrance is at the corner of Blount and Martin Streets, and exit is at the corner of Person and Martin Streets. 
  • Wear a mask of some sort before entering the market space, in accordance with the CDC recommendations regarding use of cloth face coverings.
  • Wash your hands when you enter the market space. We have handwashing stations available!
  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other shoppers, especially when in line. Market managers will be reminding shoppers to keep their distance.
  • Pre-order with your favorite vendors as much as possible for quick and contact-free pickup at the market. If you cannot pre-order, bring your grocery list so you can make your market visit as quick as possible. Find out how to pre-order and other shopping alternatives.
  • If you are sick, or a member of your family is sick, STAY HOME.
  • If you are part of the at-risk population (particularly older adults or immunocompromised individuals), we encourage you to ask a family or friend to pick up items at the market for you.
  • Do not eat any food you purchased in the market space.
  • Wash your produce when you get home.


  • No sampling will be permitted at the market.
  • No food preparation will be permitted on site. All prepared foods must be ready to take away to eat off-site.
  • All staff MUST USE GLOVES and regularly change them throughout the market. 
  • Please regularly sanitize or wash your hands AT LEAST once per hour. We have hand sanitizing and hand washing stations available. 
  • All staff are strongly encouraged to wear masks of some sort throughout the market.
  • Vendors are encouraged to bring an extra table or sit farther back in their tent so a 6 ft space is maintained between them and shoppers.
  • All products sold must be pre-packaged. Customers MUST NOT be allowed to handle and browse products under your tent. 
  • Implement contactless pay, pre-order/pickup, and other low-touch or no-touch options as much as possible. 
  • If have to collect cash, round up to the nearest dollar to limit giving back change. And utilize market-provided plastic bins to collect any cash and SNAP tokens for contactless payment. 

Market Managers:

  • We have added handwashing stations with hand sanitizer available at the market information tent.
  • Market managers will enforce social distancing by placing chalk or tape marks at 6 ft intervals to help with line management at vendor tents, and will remind shoppers as they enter the market, and throughout the market space.
  • We will limit the number of shoppers in the market when necessary and will have ONE entrance and ONE exit. A vendor map will be posted online each week.
  • Vendor tents will be spaced 6 feet apart, and managers are encouraging a one-way flow of traffic. 
  • We have postponed all market community events for the near term, including music and entertainment. 
  • Market managers will wipe down commonly used surfaces, such as the market information table and SNAP redemption devices.
  • All products sold must be pre-packaged. Customers MUST NOT be allowed to handle and browse products under your tent. 
  • DRA will continue to accept SNAP/EBT payments and offer our Double Bucks program. Please bring your EBT card as usual to the information tent to redeem for tokens. Pay with your tokens by placing in designated payment bin at vendor booths to aid in contactless payment. Tokens will be sanitized between markets.